Cutters X40 Solid-Equipment Review

By | 5/17/2014 10:29:00 AM 1 comment

New Product review video up from our equipment partner

The Play-makers blog can be seen here: Playmakers Blog

I will give a quick summary for those of you who can't speak German:

The video features Playmakers owner Pascal Heck (L) and German National Team/Dresden Monarchs WR Jan Hilgenfeldt (R). They are reviewing the Cutters X40 Solid Football Gloves.

Jan begins by saying that the gloves fit well and that they are made of a high quality material. He then goes on to say that the grip from the gloves are very strong and that he is very pleased with them.

On the top side of the gloves there is a bit of padding, which helps with blocking in comparison to gloves from Nike and Reebok. 

The two then go on to discuss the style of the gloves, and they both are fans of the solid one color gloves, and I would have to agree. I am a huge fan of Cutters gloves.

Jan wraps it up with giving his approval of the gloves, saying that 'He would for sure buy these gloves.'

Check back later for more updates and product reviews from!

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