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Injuries are pretty lousy no matter what the situation is, but to have it occur in a pre-season game makes it a little bit worse.

Tonight I am writing this blog while sitting on the couch with my fellow injured teammate Eric Weisz (RB). We were both injured this past weekend in Dresden. Eric hurt his left leg, and I hurt my together we have a working set of legs :)

From my experiences so far with two injuries in Germany the doctors use most of the same technology and treatment procedures as in the States, but of course there are some differences as well...Massage is used much more often here in Germany than in the States, while at the same time EMS is rarely used here.

Eric and I are lucky enough to have an awesome Physio!


She is all around awesome and really knows her stuff.
Somehow she puts up with my shit, which is also a plus! :)

I am looking forward to getting my cast off and to start working with her to get my ankle back in game shape!

I want to wish Eric best of luck on his operation and a speedy recovery so he can get back on the field and make some big plays.

Now it's time to kick the feet up, relax and play some Madden!

Good night and God Bless


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