A Message to His Mother-Durrell Givens

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I think that this blog from Durrell is perfect. This is what it should be about, and I am so proud to call this guy a friend. I think he speaks for all of us imports!

Make sure to remember what is truly special in life, and thank your parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, guardians or whomever helped you get to the point you are at in life.

I am fortunate enough to have my mother in town for 3 weeks, and I know the first thing I am going to say to her in the morning is 'Thank you'. These two small words will go far beyond any material item we could ever buy.


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If My Mother Only Knew

"I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that."

I probably have one of the most protective moms in the world, maybe even overprotective and I'm just realizing how that's a good thing. As you grow up and begin to get that sense of independence, having a mother that wants to know your every move can become overwhelming at times. It took me years to realize that that's just the way she is, and how most mother's are. I can't change it, you can't change it. No type of rebellion will ever make her stop caring so much, if anything it will probably make her care more. As I got older I began to realize that having a mom that wants to know your every move isn't a bad thing, after all she did bring you into this world, albeit with the help of a man, God, and doctors, but still, she was your lifeline for 9 months, you lived and grew inside of her for 9 months .... take a moment and let that really sink in.

And then after the 9 months they nurture and raise you, try to teach you right from wrong, as well as being on call when you used to let out those early morning 4 AM baby cries. A mom's plate is never empty; her job is never done. She's a mom from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. There's no real way to list all of the duties a mom has. I'm not saying all situations that involve protective parents is as kosher and fortuitous as mine, but try to understand where your parents are  coming from instead of focusing on the destination.

 It's understandable that when I decided to come to Germany to play Football she wasn't the biggest fan of it. Everyone in my family was like "yeah, go, enjoy it." My mom was like "can't you just stay home." lol. Her concern for  my safety may overshadow her happiness for my opportunity, but I know she's extremely happy and proud.  She's the type to worry when I go to my cousins house, even though she knows the route and the people, well, mom, to help calm your nerves and to give a little insight to everyone reading

I'm with great people in a great city!

Germany is great and  Braunschweig is its undiscovered jewel. I love the energy I feel within this city. The people of the community are nice and wish ill will towards no one.

The place we live has a playground out front and it is usually occupied by little kids when it's time for us to go to practice, seeing the little kids run around and play keeps me young, makes me appreciate this part of my life even more as I reminisce about my childhood. There is a child that lives in our complex and he is so bad lol ..... He reminds me of myself back in my younger days, he'll turn out to be a great person, hopefully.

My teammates are awesome, we have people from all over the world. I'm being introduced to unique personalities and different cultures. It's fun hanging out with someone that grew up entirely different from you, yet you still find a common ground ... this interconnection. Life is so cool in all of its aspects.

The coaches are funny and laid back but they know football. The people that help/work for the organization are also very cool. From the financial people to the ladies that have snacks for us after practice, from the trainers to the equipment people, from the higher ups to the fans, everyone is awesome.

I'm learning from everyone and everyone is learning from me.

The food out here is great.

There are fun things to do.

Traveling is awesome.

 I now know how to drive stick, even though I don't drive often. But if the world was ending and there was only a stick shift left to escape the zombie apocalypse I'd be able to drive to safety.

I hope this blog helps my mother sleep at night. Don't be sad that I left the nest, be happy you taught me how to fly :)

 And to everyone else thanks for reading, I hope you liked it and found something worth noting. I'll elaborate on some of the things mentioned in my later blogs.

Enjoy your life, it's yours. 


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