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Wait, what...Germany?
It all started back in December of 2013. I had never even heard of the German Football League but an old mentor from high school called me asking if I would be interested in playing football in Germany.  Now I haven't played organized football since 2009, where I was quarterback of the Carolina Speed Arena 2 football team, so this all came as a shock.  I got the details because another player that he had mentored had played over here last year and said it was an awesome experience. I'm 28 and am no spring chicken, but I had been playing in flag football leagues at least once a year.  The only thing was I was too busy. Between bartending (making good money), entrepreneurial projects, reality tv, and growing in my career, there was no way...right? I was too busy and washed up...right?

Enter my adventurous Soul
A couple of days later, I called mentor back and told him that I was interested in talking to the coach of the Pirates.  He gladly gave me his number and I called Coach Mau for the first time and we talked for about an hour.  It felt right.  I could, hypothetically, put my life on hold back in Atlanta, and come have a little adventure in Germany.  I mean I had never been to Europe, and the schedule would allow me to travel some and at the very least, get to put back on some pads and sling the pigskin around again (something that I never thought I would do). I talked to my family, friends, business partners, among others and they all encouraged the opportunity so I said why the hell not!  YOLO bitches. Haha

Culture Shock
Moving to another country that doesn't speak your native language is a challenge to say the least.  ***It should be noted that Chris and I are taking German classes to improve our Deutsch, but the language is no cakewalk.  But it's not just the language that can throw you for a loop.  Life, as I know it, might as well be thrown out the window.  So many things I have had to adjust to.  For starters, I didn't know how to drive a stick shift.  The car that the Pirates so graciously provided is obviously a manual so it was a fun 2 weeks learning how to drive that puppy while stalling out at major intersections, getting honked at, and being cussed out in German phrases I can only hope to learn.  It was a brand new car, but I would say that the clutch has seen better days.  Along with language and driving, it is so much more.  The lifestyle in general over here in Germany is much more laid back than in America.  People seem to be happy and in no rush with less stress. I think that we Americans can learn something from this.

I will say that I have definitely had trouble getting used to everything being smaller over here. EVERYTHING. There is no wasted space in Europe from the beds, to the flats, to the showers, to the cars.  Hell, NOTHING is wasted over here.  Hot water is heated up and is not readily available at sinks. Cars are all smaller in order to get better gas mileage, and parking lots are made for all compact cars. 

So Here I am
So here I find myself sitting in Elmshorn, Germany, a city that is a 20 minute train ride from Hamburg.  I have been here for 2 months living with my fellow American import/traveling companion, Chris Willadsen, who I have become very close friends with.  Our team is 1-1 with our first home game coming this upcoming weekend.  I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by such an awesome and welcoming group of teammates, coaches, cheerleaders, and community at large.  There are so many moving parts, that without their help, none of this would have been possible. We work for one the team's main sponsor, Das Futterhaus, which is like the American version of PetSmart, three days a week.  We practice 2-3 days a week and have games on Saturdays.  I am also coaching the younger pirates trying to groom the QB's to be great when they get old enough to play with the senior team. Other than that, I am just living in the moment and trying to help the Fighting Pirates win some games. Life is good and continues to get better and better!

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