Nike vs. Cutters Glove Test

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The official equipment partner of 'The Life Of An Import',, released their first product test video today! 

The first video pairs up two of the top German WR's in the GFL with two of the top gloves in the game, the Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 and the Cutters X40The video features, Christian Bollmann (New Yorker Lions) and Jan Hilgenfeldt (Dresden Monarchs). Both also represent Germany on the National Team. The two WR's pair up for an intense match of egg toss (undoubtedly thought up by Play-makers owner and master-mind, Pascal Heck), which was a good warm-up for the two of them before they match up against each other in this Saturday's BIG6 game in Dresden.

All the gloves available from can be viewed here:

Which glove do you prefer?

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