Pre-Game Music

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Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. 
-Victor Hugo

Music is a big part of a football players pre-game routine. So, I asked a few of my fellow imports for their top 3 pre-game songs, and here are the songs that get them ready before a game.

RJ Long aka GoGetta
Helsinki 69er's

Lil' John- Throw It Up
J. Cole- Blow Up
Juicy J- Show Out

Chris Willadsen
Elmshorn Fighting Pirates

Kid Ink-Money and the Power
Dave Matthews- All Along The Watchtower
Flipsyde- Champion

Andre Whyte
Warsaw Eagles

Ace Hood- I'm So Hood
Rick Ross- Fuck With Me You Know I Got It
DMX- Get It On The Floor

Orlando Webb
Allgäu Comets

Lil Jon ft. LOX- I Ain't Scared
Pastor Troy-Vice Versa
8ball & MJG - Don't Make Me

Now it's time for us QB's...


Zachary Cavanaugh
Troisdorf Jets

'I prefer to clear my head and think of motivating reasons as to why i still doesn't really benefit us QB's to get all syked up before a game.'

Tim Miscovich
Rhein-Neckar Bandits

I agree with Zachary 100%..for me as a QB I think being calm and clear-minded is very important on Game Day! Before a game I will usually listen to music, but it won't be anything too intense. I listen to a lot of Country Music, Reggae and Acoustic music usually. After a nice win is when I usually increase it to the more intense music!

Thanks to all the guys for their input and help with this blog!


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