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Here is another article in cooperation with Anthony at Europlayers!

I want to start by wishing everyone a Happy Easter and Passover.

Now to the blog:

A contract is the most important thing for not only the Import, but also the team!

This is a game we all play and love, but it is also a business and the contract is the agreement that states exactly what the player and the team will receive before and during the season.

I have spoken with the German National Team manager, Jens Leydecker, to get his input on what he has seen during his numerous years involved with Football in Germany. Besides managing the National Team he has also been recently involved with the Frankfurt Universe, Wiesbaden Phantoms and currently he is working with the Rhein-Neckar Bandits.

Most of the things on this check-list are commonsense, but often in the recruiting process many of these things will be overlooked.

I have created this check-list as a guideline for both players and teams, so that they get the best from one another!

Salary-Will you get paid on the 1st/15th/31st of the month or per game.

Bonus-Set Stat goals and when met you get a bonus or a bonus per win.

Housing-Where you will be sleeping is very important!

-Description of the apartment
-Location of field (Pictures of Stadium/Training facilities)
-How long is the commute from the apartment to the field?

Airfare-How and When will you be getting there, and also returning home?

Insurance-VERY IMPORTANT! We play Football, injuries happen.

-Proof of Insurance (start and end date)

Food-We all need to eat :) Some teams have partnerships with local restaurants for free daily meals.
-Will team provide additional daily allowance for meals?

Gym-It isn't college anymore, no strength coach barking commands! It is on you to stay in shape.

-Which Gym? (Website/Pictures)
-How far is the commute from the apartment?

Internet/Cell Phone-WiFi in the apartment? My Pre-paid sim costs 10€ a month with Deutsche Telekom and I get unlimited internet, SMS and Phone (In the Telekom network) outside of the network is costs 9 cents per SMS or minute for calls. MAKE SURE TO UNLOCK YOUR PHONE BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME!

Equipment- Will it be provided, or do you need to bring gear from home?

Team Gear- Will the team provide you with team gear?

Transportation-How are you getting from point A to point B? Some teams have Cars, others provide monthly public transport passes, but if it is a small town and we are in Europe, maybe you will get a bike.

Part-Time Job/Internship-Your day isn't as full with Football as it was in college, take advantage of any opportunities to build your resume!

Public Events-How many will be asked of you?

Coaching-Will you be a position coach/coordinator on your team or asked to help with the youth teams in the program?

Ask for the contact information of former import players!

-Discuss their experiences

If you think I missed anything, please comment and let me know!

I hope it helps out! :)

Here is the link to download the excel file:


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