Cast is off!

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On this beautiful morning at 8:45am my cast was removed! The moment when it was removed, was one of the happiest moments I have had in a while, that thing was really a downer on my mood.

I want to thank the very handsome Janes Spegg (Right Guard) for his assistance this morning getting to the doctors! I also need to thank an amazing woman, who may smack me if I name her, for always being there and willing to help me in any way possible!

Now it is time to start getting healthy with the best physio ever, Fio, and the M1 Fitmacher in Mannheim. We will be starting off with some MLD therapy!

Janes didn't record my first steps today, but for those interested in what it looked like....imagine this, but not as cute and a lot more ungraceful!

Can't wait to get this healed up and back on the field with my boys!



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