Blue Mountain State, The Movie.

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So yes Ladies and Gentleman, Blue Mountain State may be making a comeback!! However, not without our help. I already know from several of my current and former teammates here in Germany that many Europeans are fans of BMS. I will be donating myself, and ask you all to please donate as well!

Chek out the BMS movie Kickstarter video here:

The show is awesome, but I believe the movie will be even better!! I can't wait to watch it.

Please donate, even if it is just 1 or 2 Euros that is pretty much like 100 USD....well not really, it's only 1.38 USD or 2.76 USD respectively, but you get my point...Euro > USD! If you are reading this from the US/Canada, you should have already donated. If you are reading this from outside of the Euro Zone let me know and I will add you to this equation, so that you don't feel left out!

We can bring BMS back for one last hoorah! 

If I had an NFL salary and not a GFL salary, I would finance this movie myself.

How to Donate:

I will leave you with this...

Please enjoy this 28min youtube video of BMS and Thad.

Let's have the chance to party in the Goat House one more time.

Have a great day and GO GOATS!


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