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So this guest blog is pretty cool for me! Chris and I were in the same recruiting class together at Bryant University back in 2009. We got to come in and not only experience the first year of college football, but also the first semester together...and those are some of the best memories I remember and don't remember from college. Looking forward to meeting up with him ASAP and drinking a cold ones and catching up, it's been too long! Proud of you man, and best of luck this season brother, see you soon! 


Name: Chris Willadsen
Age: 23
DOB: 08.07.1990
Hometown: South Windsor, Connecticut USA
Current Team: Elmshorn Fighting Pirates (GFL 2)
College: Bryant University (D1AA)
Position: Offensive Tackle

How it all started:
I graduated from college in May of 2013 with hopes to extend my education.  While I was very fortunate to have a healthy and successful college career, I was confident my career had come to a close. Around the same time I decided to not pursue graduate school, I had spoken with a past college teammate in Tim Miscovich.   Tim had been living and playing in Germany and he explained to me how I could set myself up for an opportunity to come do the same.   Another former college teammate Andre Whyte who was in Poland at the time helped me with how to get the most out of the Europlayers website.  After creating a profile and sending out information, I signed with the Elmshorn Fighting Pirates in north Germany.  

Experience thus far:
To start, I have been more than thrilled with my decision to come play for the Pirates.  The coaching staff, teammates, and the community as a whole have been very welcoming so far.  The other import Tribble Reese and I arrived on March 1st to an overwhelming (and classy) welcoming at the airport.  Since then, we have been practicing 2-3 days a week including a 3 day camp and a scrimmage against the Berlin Rebels (GFL1).  Just like any football player, I am pleased that the pre-season is over and our first game is 26.04.2014 against the Lubeck Cougars.  Making a decision to come to a foreign country for an extended period of time is a huge decision, and one that takes courage.  While I could go on and on about the positives and negatives of this experience so far, I would like to focus on a couple of the things that have assured me that I made the right decision. Playing football here has been a huge breath of fresh air. Almost all of the players work full time jobs, or are full time students (including the coaches).  They come out and play because they love the sport, the comradery, and just being out there on the field.  For me, this has eliminated the stress and burden that college football can have on some players.  I have never appreciated the game more and the opportunity to play. 
Another important reason to point out is the culture.  Since coming to north Germany six or so weeks ago, I have learned to not worry but rather to embrace the culture.  It’s very difficult at times, but it’s something to gain from as a person.  I have learned more of the German language than I ever thought I would.  At the same time, I have been confused pumping gas, checking out at the grocery store, and ordering McDonalds but at the end of the day, it’s all part of the experience.  I have already had the chance to travel to a few other parts of Germany and the Netherlands, and I am excited for what the next five months will bring, both on and off the field.

-Chris Willadsen

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